Learning Consulting Coaching

Like you, we are in business. We understand business issues. We come from the business and industry sector.

Our highly skilled facilitators are also practitioners who work in today’s competitive and challenging business world. This Real-World experience gives them an intimate understanding of the issues and challenges you face every day.

Our strength is in our innovative consulting approach where the focus is on listening and helping organizations define their most critical needs. Practical and well planned interventions are then developed that help increase overall effectiveness and move the organization towards its vision.

About Legado

We believe that people and leadership and organizational excellence are highly correlated but we also know that achieving this kind of alignment can be challenging. - more

Team Development

High performing teams are characterized by high levels of trust, superior communication, and a clear understanding of roles and purpose, they analyze problems more effectively - more


Targeted training plays an important role in leadership development because many skills are best learned in a classroom environment where they can be practiced through interaction with others - more


Articles on resources, testimonials and more

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